Coppermine Loop Trail Challenge

Coppermine Loop Trail Challenge

Read all the details and sign up below.

One registration covers everyone in your vehicle, each vehicle needs its own registration.  

 Event Details: 

This is an open run aka trail challenge, Complete it anytime during the month of September. Its a great way to meet other Raptor owners inside of our community. So be social, post inside our Closed Facebook Group what day you plan on running it and someone will almost always be ready to join you. Also post videos or photos of your run inside the group page too.  These type of open runs aka trail challenges are easier routes, self guided and work best in small numbers 2-5 trucks (never go alone). Trails are fully mapped and prerun your registration will include a complete Leadnav gpx file. Load the file on your device, choose route and tap "run". Its that easy.

Coppermine Loop Trail Challenge is approximately 86 miles start to finish, mostly dirt with a short pavement section through the old mining town of Winkelman. There are several great stops along the way, some marked on the map file others will be up to you as you explore the route. This is a very family friendly route so make a day out of it.  starts and ends near Florence, Arizona.  

  • 86-ish mile loop 
  • Plan for a 1/2 day 3-5 hours
  • Stop & support a local restaurant in the small town.
  • bring water and snacks
  • Go prepared, some areas don't have cell service
  • Family friendly event


  • No night runs! Lots of rancher owned cattle in the area, they stand on the roads at night. You don't want to hit a cow! Your responsible by law to report it. 
  • Nearby ranches, slow down and be respectful
  • Small towns, obey the speed limits and be respectful
  • Drive within your means, this is NOT a race.
  • DO NOT drive in dust, space out to ensure good visuals
  • Be courteous to other drivers, bikers or anyone you encounter on the trails.
  • Get a photo at the end (air up location) under the sign. Post it tagging us.
Whats Required?
  • Rear facing amber dust lights encouraged
  • Suggest a 50w+ Race radio tuned to FAIR 150.860
  • Suggest a handheld Race radio tuned to FAIR 150.860
  • Suggested required gear listed on our site
  • DO NOT drive in dust, space out to ensure good visuals
  • Need a medkit? We have a couple instock
  • A Good attitude and level head.
  • Cooler with ice water-It'll be HOT
  • Your truck needs to be fully serviced and run ready 
  • 100% NO DRINKING OR DRUGS ALLOWED! This goes for EVERYONE in your vehicle. We have a zero tolerance on this for everyones safety.
    Support the club, order a t-shirt and a membership. It help keep our events free.
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