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About Arizona Raptor Runs

The AZRR club was started to fill the void in the state of Arizona with one purpose in mind. Bring the Arizona offroad community together. 

Our goal is to provide well planned, preran, and plotted routes for, at the minimum, quarterly runs in the state all while getting everyone back home safely.

As mentioned before, our most important goal is to make sure that everyone gets home safely. That means driving within your means. These runs are not races and will not be treated as such.

Are Only Raptors Allowed?

Although this club was started by Ford Raptor enthusiasts, all of our offroad expeditions are open to  other-than-Raptors as long as they are as capable as a stock Raptor.  A raptor suspension swapped F150 is a perfect example. 

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

Donate To Arizona Raptor Runs

Arizona Raptor Runs has never and will never charge for any of our events. We exist purely to raise donations for charities that make a difference in our world.
However, if you would like to make a small donation to offset our costs, we would greatly appreciate it.  
Thank you, The AZRR Team

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