AZRR'S REQUIRED GEAR LIST (updated for 2022)

We have a minimum gear requirement for everyones safety. This also makes our events run smoother and overall more enjoyable for everyone involved. 

When you join our official club you are rewarded with extra discounts from local shops that are active supporters of our group. Only official club member qualify for these discounts. Join the club first, then save money on all your gear. This discounts will more than offset the cost of the membership.

  • A well-maintained Ford Raptor or comparable vehicle (TRX, Colorado ZR2,  Raptor swapped F150/ etc)
  • Co-driver/front passenger capable of making radio calls, navigating and able to change a flat tire.
  • One full size spare tire plus a tire plug kit (two spares is recommended) 
  • One full case of bottled water, meals, snacks
  • Most importantly a positive attitude
  • A quality PCI Race Radio 50-watt VHF radio pre-programmed to:
    • AZRR (comes installed from PCI when requested)
    • 150.860 Fair
    • 151.625 Weatherman
    • 151.715 BFG Relay.
  • Most radios do not allow for field programming so please come with these already programmed!
    • We highly recommend purchasing a PCI Race Radio vs other brands.
    • We highly recommend BPD antenna mounts over any other brand. 
    • You can purchase items from our partners at Foutz Motorsport
  • We now require an offroad GPS (affordable options below) 
  • We now require a standardized medkit to be installed on each truck. Behind the rear passenger seat. Order Now



Regarding the radio requirement we recommend the following:


PCI Race Radio's "Chase Package".  


A great example for affordable GPS systems are:

Leadnav app for apple devices (it’s what we use)

Leadnav's  Dual XGPS160 Puck 



Although not required, we also highly recommend bringing the following:


  • Offroad lighting and rear face dust/chase lights
  • A second, full size spare tire
  • Offroad oriented jack (Pittsburg, Craftsman, Pro Eagle are all great options) 
  • Basic hand tools
  • Recovery equipment (tow strap, shovel, traction mat)
  • ABC rated fire extinguisher  
  • Standard approved Medkit (required)