Biosphere Run Registration June 29th

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This run will take us from Florence to Oro Valley with a stop at the Biosphere2. (see below)

Read all the details and sign up below.

One registration covers everyone in your vehicle, each vehicle needs its own registration.  

  • This is to register for the June 29th "Dirt Therapy" event. 

Event Details: 

Dirt Therapy events are fun routes that are shorter in distance than a full run. Trails are fully mapped and prerun your registration will include a complete Leadnav gpx file. Load the file on your device, choose route and tap "run". Its that easy.

The Biosphere Dirt Therapy route is approximately 86 miles start to finish, all dirt with a short 2 mile pavement section to access The Biosphere2 at the half way point. (see details below) There are several great stops along the way, some marked on the map file others will be up to you as you explore the route. This is a family friendly route so make a day out of it.  Starts and ends near Florence, Arizona.  

  • One group of 10 trucks available
  • Plan ahead, weather changes fast this time of year 
  • 86-ish mile loop 
  • Plan for a 1/2 day 5-6 hours
  • Support a local restaurant in the small town of Oro Valley or Florence.
  • bring water and snacks
  • Go prepared, some areas don't have cell service
  • Family friendly event
Biosphere2 details:
  • Plan for 1 1/2 hours of driving before reaching Biosphere2.
  • Tickets must be purchased in advance for Biosphere2. No onsite tickets sales
  • The Biosphere 2 Experience will take approximately 1 hr 15 min to complete
  • Approximately 1 1/2 hour return trip to complete the run


  • Lots of rancher owned cattle in the area, they stand on the roads. You don't want to hit a cow! Your responsible by law to report it. 
  • Nearby ranches, slow down and be respectful
  • Small towns, obey the speed limits and be respectful
  • Drive within your means, this is NOT a race.
  • DO NOT drive in dust, space out to ensure good visuals
  • Be courteous to other drivers, bikers or anyone you encounter on the trails.
  • Take photos and have fun, Post and please tag us.
  • Follow route only, do NOT reverse course.
Whats Required?
  • Annual State land permit required for some of the route.
  • Rear facing amber dust lights encouraged
  • A 50w+ Race radio tuned to AZRR
  • Suggest a handheld Race radio tuned to AZRR
  • Required gear listed on our site
  • DO NOT drive in dust, space out to ensure good visuals
  • Need a medkit? We have some in-stock
  • A Good attitude and level head.
  • Cooler with ice water and snacks
  • Your truck needs to be fully serviced and run ready 
  • 100% NO DRINKING OR DRUGS ALLOWED! This goes for EVERYONE in your vehicle. We have a zero tolerance on this for everyones safety.
  • No smoking weed! Legal or not we don't care, DONT DRIVE IMPAIRED!


Your participation is at your own risk, by completing a registration you are agreeing to all terms and conditions and agreeing to participation waivers. AZRR staff, volunteers or partners are not responsible or liable for any damages.