2024 Racin' To The Basin Registration

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If you see SOLD OUT choose a backup spot. 

This years Racin To The Basin Run!

  1. Option 1 Racin' To The Basin Dirt Therapy  March 23rd
  2. Option 2 Racin' To The Basin backup spot

Read all the details and sign up below.

Single day Dirt Therapy format- Cost $30.00 please read! For this event you will choose one of the 2 options offered and register for ONE. Each group will be limited to 10 trucks total. Plan on these spots to fill up fast!

March 23rd

One registration covers everyone in your vehicle, each vehicle needs its own registration. Registrations are non refundable and are non transferable. 

Whats Required?

  • Rear facing amber dust lights encouraged
  • A 50w+ Race radio tuned to AZRR
  • Suggest a backup handheld Race radio tuned to AZRR
  • Required gear listed on our site
  • DO NOT drive in dust, space out to ensure good visuals
  • Need a medkit? We have some in-stock
  • A Good attitude and level head.
  • Cooler with ice water and snacks
  • Your truck needs to be fully serviced and run ready 
  • 100% NO DRINKING OR DRUGS ALLOWED! This goes for EVERYONE in your vehicle. We have a zero tolerance on this for everyones safety.
  • No smoking weed! Legal or not we don't care, DONT DRIVE IMPAIRED!

You will receive your GPX file before your run date.


Your participation is at your own risk, by completing a registration you are agreeing to all terms and conditions and agreeing to participation waivers. AZRR staff, volunteers or partners are not responsible or liable for any damages.