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Peaks2Pines Run Recap

Arizona Raptor Runs Peaks2Pines August 10th RECAP!

Our first Peaks2Pines run is in the books. This was an invitational event. Those who attended were part of Foutz Motorsports and Bulletproof Diesel plus some of our core AZRR members that help out a ton within our group. (for that we are very grateful) 
peaks2pines run group shot
We put together an awesome route that took us from four peaks to the pine trees east of Payson.
We had a 7:30am meet up at the base of four peaks. Aired down, had our drivers meeting, talked with a really cool local game & fish officer that stopped by to drool over all the raptors and we hit the dirt by 8:30. Heading east climbing to the overlook where we stopped for a group shot of the trucks, took a few minutes to enjoy the view looking down at Roosevelt lake seeing the scars from the recent woodbury fire.  






Back in the trucks for the decent down the backside crossing Tonto basin. We quickly left the desert behind and found the tall pines of the Tonto National Forest as we climbed in elevation over and around several mountain ranges and canyons. 

Those who dared got to explore a large cave at our next rest stop. The cave was quietly guarded by a small rattlesnake tucked into a tree at the caves entrance. 
We stopped in the town of Young, Arizona for lunch at a local restaurant called the Pleasing Palate. They were expecting us and took great care of the group. This gave us time to share a little introductory game that was egged on by Ken Neal of Bullet Proof Diesel. It was a great way to spend time during lunch and allowed the group to get to know each other.
After lunch we loaded back up and hit the dirt for a very brief stop at Cherry Creek. Afternoon showers cut our creek time short, but we enjoyed the rain and the cooler temps as we continued on. As we got to our last leg of the trip the rain wasn't letting up, the flash flood warning in the area became a very real concern with a large group of trucks, so we finished the afternoon on our alternate route leading us back to the highway near Forest Lakes, Arizona. Got everyone aired back up with one of our favorite products and sponsors Powertanks.
We also had an awesome opportunity to field test Bullet Proof Diesels new prototype antenna mounts with built in dust lights. We have been big fans of their mounts since they were first released, and these new mounts do not disappoint! Up high where it belongs for maximum visibility. Just enough light to cut thru the dust. They do the job perfectly without blinding the trucks behind you. 
Thanks to everyone that attended, and a special thanks to the companies that are involved with us. We love supporting local Arizona brands and it means a lot to us to have you involved!
Thanks to all our partners
Foutz Motorsports
Bullet Proof Diesel
BuiltRight Ind
Baja Designs
Napier Outdoors
See you in the dirt......
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