Night Run Recap June 1st, 2019

Night Run Recap June 1st, 2019

Goal for 2019 is to have more events with greater frequency. This summer we added NIGHT RUNS dub'd Summer Nights Series with events each month throughout summer.  

Its HOT in most of Arizona during the summer, so ripping thru the desert at night without the sun beating down on us sounded fun. AND IT WAS!


While trekking through the desert at night may sound a little risky, but with the right preparation, mapping and prerunning we make things as safe as possible for the group. We had 12 trucks navigating through the outer section of the Butcher Jones Rec site, up over the hill climb, then dropped into the sandy washes making our way back near town through Bulldog Canyon. This area is always a favorite with twisty canyon walls, tight, but mostly raptor width trails & lots of sand. 

Thanks to everyone that came, it was a FUN night! We are already planning for our July night run.

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