July 20th Night Run Recap

July 20th Night Run Recap
July 20th Night Run Recap
Our first night run went well, nothing too challenging or long. So why not step it up a little for our 2nd night run of the year. We added more miles (50 offroad miles) and a more challenging trail. Plus we met at the infamous Geiser Loop (where they test trophy trucks) for a little warm up before the sun went down. We even had Alo Als Mexican Restaurant serving up some amazing tailgate tacos. 
So after everyone had a full stomach we had time to hit the Geiser Loop for a couple of laps to allow the sun to set.
We then had one more coms check and safety meeting about the route ahead and took off heading north to table mesa with the sun setting over the mountains to the west.
We crossed over the highway and back into the dirt for a quick regroup to sort out a couple of mechanical issues and unfortunately said goodbye to two of our trucks that took the highway home and weren't able to finish the night.
From here we headed about 40 miles south/east wrapping around and over several mountains to our final destination of seven springs in Cave Creek, Arizona.
All 13 remaining trucks arrived safely just after midnight, Aired tires back up courtesy of our Powertanks and we headed home. 

Thanks to everyone that participated, and a special thanks to August & Derek for their help organizing, prerunning and leading this event
 See you on the next run
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