3rd Annual Parker Run Nov 5-7th

3rd Annual Parker Run Nov 5-7th

Parker Run '21!!!

This event isn't just about the run, Its about building our raptor community.  We will offer multiple routes both big and small to ensure everyone gets plenty of dirt. Meetup spots and a HUGE all club dinner Saturday night complete with a big raffle to support Wake for Warriors.


Arizona Raptor Runs 3nd Annual Fall Desert Bar Weekend! Last years Parker Run was a blast! So naturally this year we will make it even better with several new routes! This will be our final offroad event of 2021 and we want to share one of our favorite destinations with everyone. 

This will be a 100% family friendly event. MY kids are still talking about it!


We are finalizing our maps and prerunning.

Registration is full 

events are only for official club members.

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