1st Annual Fall Desert Bar Weekend

1st Annual Fall Desert Bar Weekend

Arizona Raptor Runs 1st Annual Fall Desert Bar Weekend

This will be our final offroad event of 2019 and we want to share one of our favorite destinations with everyone.

Have you ever been to Parker, Arizona? How about the totally off the grid restaurant/bar thats in the middle of nowhere? Thats the Desert Bar.

This will be a 100% family friendly event


Step 1. Get on our mailing list. That is how we announce and register for our event.👇
Get on our email list http://bit.ly/AZRRemailsignup

More details to be published on our website the week of October 1st. We are currently prerunning & mapping routes for this event. sign ups will begin via email the following week.

You must be on our email list to get invited (see link)

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