What's Required?

AZRR's Required Gear List

  • A well-maintained Ford Raptor or comparable vehicle (Colorado ZR2/ Raptor swapped F150/ etc)
  • One full size spare tire plus a tire plug kit (two spares is recommended) 
  • One full case of bottled water, meals, snacks
  • Most importantly a positive attitude
  • A quality 50-watt VHF radio pre-programmed to 151.625 Weatherman AND 151.715 BFG Relay. Most radios do not allow for field programming so please come with these already programmed!
  • We now require an offroad GPS (affordable options below) 

Regarding the radio requirement we recommend the following:

PCI Race Radio's "Chase Package".  

A couple great examples for affordable GPS systems are:

Lowrance Trophy 5M Baja GPS

Leadnav's  Dual XGPS160 Puck 

AZRR's Recommended Gear List

Although not required, we also highly recommend bringing the following:

  • A second, full size spare tire
  • Offroad oriented jack (Pittsburg, Craftsman, Pro Eagle are all great options) 
  • Basic hand tools
  • Recovery equipment (tow strap, shovel, traction mat)
  • ABC rated fire extinguisher  


Donating to AZRR will help pay for the costs associated with each run since all runs are 100% free. Thank you!

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* Ford Raptor or equivalent:  Although this group was started by Raptor enthusiasts, all of our runs are open to other-than-Raptors as long as they are as capable as a stock Raptor. A raptor suspension swapped F150 is a perfect example. Or a true mid-travel equipped Chevy Silverado with King shocks. Please contact us if you have any questions.