2nd Annual Racin' To The Basin - March 3rd 2018

This will be out 2nd Annual Racin' To The Basin Event! Starting in Carefree we'll meet for breakfast at a local cafe. After topping off our tanks, we'll head North towards Seven Springs. Shortly after passing the camp sites, the road begins to open up. After stopping for a quick break, we'll set up the cameras to get some sweet shots of everyone "flying" by.

We then continue on down towards Sheep Bridge for lunch at the river. Depending on the weather, this can be a great time to take a swim in the slow moving water!

Making our way back out we head towards the infamous Bloody Basin. This part is one of our absolute favorite stretches of dirt in AZ. Soft, clay colored dirt with mountains that go on for what looks like 100's of miles. Combined with long straight-aways and hair pin turns, Bloody Basin is an experience all in it's own.

We'll eventually make our way back to the highway where we'll air up. For those that would like to join us, we'll be grabbing dinner and pie at a near by restaurant.

This is the run that started it all! 


AZRR & ROC Present: Prescott to Las Vegas - April 28-29th

AZRR and Raptor Offroad Community will be partnering for this two day adventure starting in Prescott Arizona and ending in Las Vegas. This will be a two day adventure covering over 550 miles of trails with amazing stops along the way. 

Register Here! 

More Events To Be Released Soon!

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