AZRR Event Registration Night Run Feb 11th

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One registration covers everyone in your vehicle, each vehicle needs its own registration. 


  • This is your invite to register for the Feb 11th " Super Bowl Eve Run" 
  • Full maps and itinerary will be emailed out a couple of days before event.    


Registration is only available via this email link to our club members. You must be pre-registered in order to attend. This event is private and NOT open to the public. We fully expect it to fill up quickly.

Event Details:

Join us for a fun & relaxed paced night run Feb 11th. These will be fun roads with good sightlines, no cliffs or technical sections.  This event will be in the far southeast valley near Florence. 

  • 60-ish miles of dirt
  • Plan for full evening 6-10:30 
  • Everyone starts/finishes together
  • Family friendly event


Whats Required?
  • Quality offroad lights are a must! (amber highly recommended for dust)
  • Rear facing amber dust lights
  • Tested 50w+ Race radio tuned to AZRR
  • plus all required gear listed on our site
  • A Good attitude and level head.
  • Just come out and enjoy a night with other Raptor owners.
  • 100% NO DRINKING OR DRUGS ALLOWED! This goes for EVERYONE in your vehicle. We have a zero tolerance on this for everyones safety.
What if the link shows sold out?
  • This means the event is full
  • Still want to come? We may have open seats if you want to ride with another member. email to request