Summer Night Run Registration July 1st 2023

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The first summer night run will be in Saturday July 1st. These runs are for trucks with high end lighting from Nacho, Tomar or Baja Designs. Amber colored lights highly recommended for dust. (Fog pockets only are not suitable you will need more light!)

Details: 7-11pm (ish)


You will receive a full itinerary the week of the run with all details, meetup spot and the Leadnav gpx file

Backup positions are a waiting list if a spot opens up, there is not cost to be on this list, but if a spot becomes available you will pay the run fee.

One registration covers everyone in your truck. One registration per club member.

Registration is only available from an email invite from AZRR, Please do not forward this email. 

Registration is NOT transferable, if your not able to attend AZRR will replace your spot with someone on a waiting list.