Dirt Therapy - Nov. 18th 2017

Dirt Therapy was like no other AZRR event before. After a free breakfast and a chance to chat with local Vendors at Earnhardt Ford, we headed out on two simultaneous runs: One for those who like the higher speed whooped out sections and one for the more technical "expedition" types. 

After exploring an old abandoned mine, the first group made their way back to base camp. Slightly behind schedule due to a couple flat tires, group 2 finished the loop back to camp. We ended the day with the group taking turns at a 3 mile loop around base camp. From punishing approach angles to deep silt, this loop combined all different types of terrain to keep everyone on their toes. 

With only two flat tires and smiles all the way around, AZRR's very first Dirt Therapy was a huge hit! We can't wait to have another very soon.

AZRR's Dirt Therapy Highlights

Up On The Rim - Sept. 16, 2017

Starting the day for breakfast at the Landmark at The Creek we ventured off to air down near Woods Canyon Lake. After a quick safety brief we headed north to Wiggins Crossing. After some high speed straights and some killer photo ops, we headed back down South for our lunch break on the beautiful Mogollon Rim. 

With almost 20 trucks, including a Colorado ZR2 and a F350, and over 120 miles of mixed terrain, The "Up On The Rim" event was a great success and we look forward to hosting this run in the near future with a few additional trails!


Starting the day off at the base of the Four Peaks Mountains, we headed down the trail and upwards in elevation. Combined with high speed straights, and technical cornering, the trail took us near the top of the peaks for an incredible view of the Valley. We then made our way down the backside towards Roosevelt Lake. After a series of high speed straight-aways and jumps we made our way on the infamous Apache Trail where we then ended our day at Tortilla Flat. Overall this run was about 109 miles on and off road.

With only a blown fuse on AZRR1 and one flat tire, this was an extremely successful run and we look forward to doing this again next year... with a slight twist.

Racin' To The Basin - April 30th, 2017

We started the day with some breakfast and a meet and greet at the Black Mountain Coffee Shop. We then hit the road towards the Seven Springs Campground. Eventually, we made our way to the Sheep Bridge/ Verde River for Lunch, and for those who want to, a quick swim! Next, we made our way back west through Bloody Basin until we made it to the I-17. We then ended the day at Rock Springs Cafe for some of their famous pie. Overall, this was about a 100 mile trip from start to finish with a mix of slow and fast paced driving. 

With just under 20 trucks total, we had a great time hitting the dirt and making new friends. This will be an AZRR classic that we plan on hosting each year.

Thank you to all that came and make this a AZRR run for the books!

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