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Peaks2Pines Run 2021

Arizona Raptor Runs is excited to announce our next full day run- Peaks2Pines in early June 2021!

Sign ups have not started for this event..
We have put together an awesome route that will take us from four peaks to the pine trees east of Payson.
Starting at the base of four peaks, we head east climbing to the overlook where we you’ll be able to look down at Roosevelt lake seeing the scars from the recent woodbury fire.  
We make the decent down the backside crossing tonto basin, working our way over several mountain ranges and canyons as we trek into the cool pines of the white mountains. 
This full day run will include planned stops along the way for photos, cave exploring and a lunch spot.
Participants are required to have all gear listed on our site, and previous experience with Arizona Raptor Runs events. Invitational event, spots are limited. 
Trucks must be in good working order, Offroad tires must have plenty of tread and at least one matching full size spare. 
Foutz Motorsports offers a RaptorRunReady Service that checks and inspects all critical parts before a Run. We highly recommend scheduling this.
Contact Jake 480-718-9800
for questions about this event please email